Infrequently asked questions

Do you create funeral palls?

  • No

Do you create worship banners?

  • We have a few banners on the website here. After they are sold out we will only create banners on commission.

Do you create deacon stoles?

  • Only via commission because the sizing is so specific to each deacon.

Do you offer discounts?

  • Rarely — usually, but not limited to, our business anniversary at the end of May. Signup for our eNews here to stay abreast of these opportunities.

I love a stole on your site but you don’t offer a length that is right for me. What can we do?

Do you create stoles for non-Christians?

  • We are open to many design and sewing possibilities.

Can I add an inscription inside my stole?

  • Sorry, that is not a possibility.

Do you sell confirmation stoles?

  • No, but we offer a stole curriculum that includes a pattern. For a small fee you can download it here.

Have your stoles ever made people cry?

  • A few … and reportedly one recipient was also speechless. We take all that as compliments!

What’s a fun compliment you’ve received?

  • That our work was “carrot-top-notch!”