Batik Fabric in Clergy Stoles?

One of our frequently asked questions is “what is batik fabric?” We love using these unique cottons that are often fair trade from sources spanning the globe. They are usually very colorful and vibrant in their patterning. This makes them very visually interesting.

The official definition of “batik” is that it is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth or cloth made using this technique. Originating in Indonesia, batik is made either by drawing dots and lines of the resist with a spouted tool called a tjanting or by printing the resist with a stamp.

Enjoy this video demonstrating the process —

And these are details of some of our clergy stoles featuring batik fabrics …

2019.7.31 Carrot Top Studio clergy stoles - batik fabrics.jpg

You can see why we love these fabrics! They are full of life in their designs and color ways. See our entire inventory here or email us with questions - .

Sharing: A New Commissioned Stole Is Complete!

We recently completed a stole for a seminarian preparing for Ordination. She sought a piece that would reflect where she lived and served in Peurto Rico.It was fun to start with her own sketch and photos. When I work on a stole like this it makes me appreciate the many years as a young woman that I studied watercolor painting. As a general rule when you use watercolors you start with what is furthest in the background and work your way forward. This is because once the paint is down it can't be removed and it is not easily gone over. The commissioned stoles that we do that are like "story stoles" with a lot of appliqued pieces need to be figured out in this logical type of sequencing. It's a bit of a puzzle in the beginning but with careful planning it comes together nicely. Interesting how one opportunity from your past prepares you for the future! We've just completed the sketch for another story stole. You'll hear more about that this summer. #PCUSA #GA222 (spoiler alert :))

*Note 1-we love learning new things (especially about plants and food) and were pleased to be introduced to the seagrapes that are the large leaf plant with the interesting, clustered fruit. 

*Note 2-we had special permission to use the PCUSA seal, this one time

Stoles in Action

If you are new to Carrot Top Studio and have any question about how our stoles look after they leave the studio OR if you are needing inspiration for a stole to add to your collection to keep your visual message fresh and new here are some of our favorite "in action" images:

hanks to those who share their photos with us. It's a real treat for an online business to see how and where their art is used.