Outside the Studio: Chicago

Carrot Top Studio creates unique hand crafted ministry stoles for clergy, pastors, chaplains and wedding officiants. This blog post reflects our writings on making a visual connection to the Word in worship and other items that link our faith and art.

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Fine Art in Church

Using fine art, not just clip art or graphic art can add to the meaning of worship or deepen our connection to our faith outside of worship. Below is a piece for upcoming Christ the King Sunday. It could be used on it's own but would be even better for the viewer if a few guiding questions were asked to help the thought process. For example:



  • are you attracted to this work?
  • what is it that holds your interest?
  • does it remind you of anything? (a story, a memory, an idea?)
  • what is your eye first drawn to?
  • how do you think it was made?
  • what do you know about the culture of the time the artist made this?
  • do you recognize any symbols in this art?
  • can you extend the scene? what might have happened right prior or after this moment?

christ the king.jpg

If you are new to using art in your church you would probably enjoy the Grunewald Guild Podcast on this subject here. 

Carrot Top Studio mostly focuses it's art on liturgical stoles. But on occasion we branch out into art for church galleries or banners in worship. This advent we have one set of such art (shown above) available here. It is also available as a download with text for use as a devotional here