I see what you did there: Creating clergy stoles

The details are important to our story telling in our products. It may be subtle but it's just part of the way we make the visual connection to the Word for worship. As you perused our website did you spy these background fabrics that inspired the stole design --

658 - Advent clergy stole - Carrot Top studio - purple stole - detail 1.jpeg

This Advent stole has an accent fabric that has a visually rough texture (not rough to the touch). This is a reminder of the rough world that Jesus arrived into. He came to save. That roughness carries on today doesn't it?

605 - Christmas clergy stole - Carrot Top Studio - detail 1.jpg

It's subdued but do you see the heart cross in the delicate white and gold border fabric? That was our jumping off point to use symbols to tell of God's love as spoken of in John 3:16. Read more about this Christmas stole here. 

450 - Lent clergy stole - Carrot Top Studio - purple clergy stole.JPG

Discovering the focal point fabric on this stole made us think of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem. We celebrate on Palm Sunday and then recall for the next week the suffering and death that follows until we greet Easter. This stole is embellished with hand painted palms
to accentuate the palms in the stole fabric.

626 - Easter clergy stole - Carrot Top Studio - detail 1. 1.jpg

This one of a kind stole is embellished with flowers to represent new life and rebirth. Additionally the base fabric is a subtle batik of pink roses. How fitting is that when you think of the rose as a symbol for Mary, the mother of Jesus ... the vessel that allowed the story to start.


The appliqu├ęd leaves on this stole represent growth in a marriage. Like the examples above, the symbols mimic what is seen in the background fabric. Read more about this "growing together"
wedding stole here.