Book Review: Water, Wind, Earth and Fire

I prefer to be outside with the elements and I feel like my prayer life is constantly evolving so 


when I discovered the book "Water, Wind, Earth and Fire" by Christine Valtres Paintner seemed like a logical choice for me. And it has not disappointed. The introduction actually had me hooked! 

The amount of thought provoking writing from the author in combination with the thoughts for so many different types of prayers, and inspirational quotes from a multitude of influential people is just the tip of the iceberg in this book. The book also includes ideas on how to get in touch with each element and questions for reflection.The sections of scripture are titled, "resting with God's word." That phrase in itself is restorative to me and such a lovely way of thinking about reading scripture.

Paintner is a contemplative artist and she has skillfully crafted this book with much thought and care. I can envision bits of it being used in worship, other pieces suitable for a retreat, a small group could choose to work through it together or of course it could be savored on one's own. It is the type of book that I feel that I can turn to again and again and gain new insight from it each time I do.