Our Latest Christmas Design: History Repeats Itself

Artists often find images, shapes, motifs, or themes repeating in their work. Sometimes it's because you are intentionally working in a series and other times it's more subliminal and is just because it's who you are. Over a decade ago we created our second ever set of banners. They were for our home congregation in Pennsylvania for the season of Christmas. They were a joy because we shared the stitching with a team of church members. Well, funny story ... we thought we liked the design until we saw them hanging up. There was just something not quite right! It was too close to Christmas to make an adjustment so we made peace and let them be. The artist is their own worst critic after all! Low and behold we didn't make note of the needed adjustment and near Christmas time the next year when the banners were pulled out to be ironed in preparation of their hanging our hearts sank to see that we'd forgotten. But then our adrenaline started running and with seven days before their timely hanging we took them back to the studio, cut, patched, and restitched. Voila, they were much improved! I'm not sure anyone else noticed but my heart felt the design was much improved. And we're humbled that those banners are still used today.

Christmas-left - Copy.JPG

Fourteen years later we revisited the stars of those banners in our latest Christmas stole. We hope the whimsical nature of these stars evoke the joy, giddiness, awe, and anticipation that must have been felt when all who were involved in seeking Him that first Christmas saw the sign they had been waiting so long for.

You may see the entire Christmas stole here. And know that our shipping policy remains the same as usual -- we ship within 24 hrs. of receiving your order via Priority mail. Priority during this busy season is typical 3 business days.

We remain grateful for your support of our art. Merry Christmas!

493-detail 2.JPG