This Is Where We Create

If you've been reading along, you know that seven weeks ago my family relocated from Pittsburgh to the Detroit area. There have been many blessings surrounding our move. One of them is the new space that has become Carrot Top Studio. Here's a glimpse of the new studio and how we will use it--

This is where I sit to answer your emails, receive orders and blog. The morning sun shines in this window and by mid afternoon a wild, grey cat usually slinks by outside.

Sketching new designs will happen at this table. 
The cutting and painting table is next to this. It is conveniently at standing height.

Small bits of fabric and yarn are gathered from these shelves. I love a bargain just like the next person and this shelving unit was a steal at the local thrift store!

Thread is stored where I can easily reach it on the wall shelves left of the sewing machine. To the right of the sewing machine is the ironing station that can be used while sitting at the machine or while standing on the opposite side. Larger pieces of fabric are stored on the bolt below the ironing table or folded in bins in the cube case. The art to the left of the window are pieces from my children's early explorations into creating.

Job tickets, inspiring images, words of good cheer and 
our pattern pieces all hang out together.

Keeping order helps keep us productive!

On the left, our mannequin (Stella) kindly models works in progress. And on the right, photography for the website happens with the use of the design wall. Interesting to note that I made the fabric plant on the coffee table many years ago in a three dimensional design class in college. Even though I didn't recognize it at the time the fiber artist was obviously percolating within me!

The in stock inventory is stored in this armoire.

As the work day draws to an end you might find me here in one of these seats contemplating what is currently pinned on the white design wall, with a favorite book, or chatting about the day with a family member or friend. The art above the chair was created by one of my first students who was four years old and spoke only Japanese. We bonded over creating. Young Masumi was one of the first people to teach me that you don't need words to communicate. I like to think that the stoles we create for pastors, ministers, clergy, chaplains, and wedding officiants work like that also....they are a visual connection to the Word or the ministry that can be interpreted, appreciated and applied without the spoken word. Thanks for your patience while we've been in transition during this move. 

Signing off to go draw, paint, sew, and more and more...