Meet Our Shipping Assistant

I've ducked out of the studio this week to work with my brothers and sisters in Christ in Haiti. I'm assisting with the painting of a mural in the new library we are helping the Haitians build. Actually we're renovating and retrofitting a classroom that will be the first of two library rooms. And we're gathering the books and delivering them to these 2800 students that have a gusto for learning like I have seen no where else. The books are in Creole (the native language), in Spanish (because many speak it because the Dominican Republic is so close), in French (because the high school students learn this in school) and in English (because there is an initiative and interest in the students learning English to help further their education and job potential). 

I'm excited to introduce you to Sarah who will be handling shipping while we are gone for the week. Sarah is a friend that I have gotten to know first through my children (that means she passed the cool test), secondly by time spent walking our township nature trails together, and lastly because she is a specialist in library and information science. She has been instrumental in developing the collection on our Amazon book wish list for the library in Haiti. Sarah has also served in Haiti and that has allowed her to be sensitive to choosing books that are best suited to the children's cultural heritage and their conservative Christian upbringing. So roll out the red carpet for Sarah as she's now also on board to handling the Carrot Top Studio shipping while we are out of town. 

I'm the blog master of this mission team's trip so if you want to know more you may follow along here.

And'll love knowing that even Sarah's dog Marley gets in on the's the clever canine checking out our architect's plans for the library in Haiti while Sarah catalogs books one recent snowy afternoon!