Behind the Scenes

I am....
JENNY ....who was thrilled to start out teaching art to children and adults but now happily spends her days in her studio creating fiber art.

My colors....I tend to draw upon the natural seasons for my favorite color combinations. As I write it is autumn outside my studio so if asked the question today I'd say my colors are pumpkin accented with a deep blue the color of the sky. 

Where I a very non glamorous but cozy basement studio that has a lot of order to it. I find being surrounded by organization allows my creativity to flow freely.

I am inspired by...reading scripture, absorbing books of many different genre (and libraries and book stores), visiting art museums, being in nature, experiencing different types of architecture and environments, and by people that lead in quiet ways.

I stay inspired by...God's word (lately and surprisingly from the Old Testament), viewing work by artists that have gone before me, studying other small business owners, walking for physical exercise and to keep my mind clear.

A favorite quote....

I grandmother telling me during my teenage years that I was 'cagey' to accessorize with the color red. With my orange hair, as bright as a circus clowns, this was just a little 'outside her box' yet her words were a source of encouragement to me to do my own thing.
my grandmother and I circa 1963