The Studio's Frequently Asked Questions

May I order a Carrot Top Studio stole in a color or length other than what is shown?
We would like to meet your needs and will gladly consider an alternate stole fabric or creating more of an existing design in a different length.  Please make an inquiry directly to the studio by emailing  

commissioned stole
using client's fabric
from the mission field
May I commission a one of a kind stole?
Commissions can bring great joy to the recipient and are a wonderful creative challenge for our studio. The process consists of you feeding us some ideas and then we'll email you a sketch.  Pricing begins at $130 + S&H.  Work commences after both parties are in agreement on design, fabrics, and cost. This is 2-8 week process depending upon your needs and our schedule. 

What is your return policy?
We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on all pre-made Carrot Top Studio products.  If you are not completely satisfied  with your stole simply return the product to us within ten days of delivery.  We will immediately provide a refund or a product exchange. 

Due to the unique nature of commissioned stoles we are unable to make returns.  We will however be glad to work with our clients to make sure they are completely satisfied. 

Do you have a mail order catalog?
Not at this time. We hope you'll bookmark us ( and check our website often because we create in limited editions the inventory is updated frequently. The best way to learn what's new is to like our FaceBook page here.

May I visit the studio?
We must confess,the studio is nothing glamorous even though it works well for us. If you're in the Pittsburgh, PA area and are just dying to see what we have in inventory please email or call (412-480-4193) and we'll see how we might accommodate you.

feeling blessed that
I can consider my "work" a joy!
Why do you call it Carrot Top Studio?
Awwwww, good question!  I'm still proud to have my natural orange hair and love using the childhood nickname of "Carrot Top" to label the studio where I have so much fun working! As a child that was teased often for appearing a bit different I had no idea that I would embrace this difference as an adult. With this lesson learned and as the white hairs are integrating themselves I suspect I will always identify with the name "Carrot Top!"