Summer Reading

I enjoy having a little extra reading time in the summer. Here's what has recently been read or is on the book shelf to see us through the rest of summer...

The Book of New Family Traditions, by Meg Cox
I was introduced to this author because of her involvement with the 'Modern Quilt' movement. The silver lining was discovering that she's written this gem (and updated it!) about family rituals. Because Carrot Top Studio mostly creates ministry stoles based upon the rhythm and ritual of  the church year of course we value ritual in other areas of our life also. Despite the fact that I'm about to enter an empty nest phase I thoroughly enjoyed the breadth and depth of this book. It is not written from a Christian perspective but is encompassing to many faith traditions which helped expand my knowledge and respect of others. 

Stations of the Heart, Parting With a Son by Richard Lischer
This book was hard to put down as I read through the roller coaster of emotions shared between a father and son and family as they prepared for the adult son's death. There is mystery in our faith. Some things I will probably not ever understand. But I appreciate this young man embracing the path he was on as beautifully as he could. I am a former classroom teacher but I believe that teaching also happens in many different ways outside of the classroom. This family taught me much about life and death through Richard (the father's) sharing of their story. It is a kindhearted and loving example. I enjoyed the writing style of the author so much that I have added his other titles to my "need to read" list.

Peace Be With You: Monastic Wisdom for A Terror-Filled World by David Carlson, PhD
We create and sell a lot of stoles designed with the theme of peace. I use Goodreads to keep track of my books and found this title on the website through a friend's recommendation. He gave it 4 out of 5 stars. I think I was drawn to the title because I believe we really need to and are being called to strive for peace. I will soon read it but hope I can agree with Phyllis Tickle's review--"One of the richest, most insightful, and most instructive books I have ever read on the business of living the Christian life fully, biblically, faithfully, and non-dogmatizedly." because I have so much to learn!

The Calligrapher's Daughter by Eugenia Kim
I am learning so much about Korean history by enjoying this novel. I was referred this title by a librarian friend and then was pleasantly surprised to discover that there is a Christian component. It turns out that the story revolves around the main character trying to find her way between her Confucian following father and her Christian mother in the midst of the Korean conflict. I am enjoying the rich descriptions of their life, struggles and joys.
Drawn In, Troy Bronsink
This title will probably be cracked open in August. Amazon's description is: In DRAWN IN, Bronsink shows how the rhythms of God’s creative work can be discovered through design thinking and creative processes. Exercises invite participation in God’s life and redemptive rhythms. This holistic approach will shift how Christian creatives think of mission, worship, collaboration, and everyday discipleship. If you have artists in your faith community this looks like it could be a great title to work through as a small group. It looks first at God's creative work and then ours.

What are you reading this summer?