Creating Ministry Stoles Lends Itself to Fun

A few things that made us smile in the studio--

A client wrote: "Gave pastor the green custom stole today and he was speechless. (A good thing)."

Another client shared: "You are the fastest shipper I have ever met. I tell all my colleagues about your quick ship and say "Carrot Top Studio will never let you preach naked"!

This is looks like Ordinary Time will really be "in" this year (ha, ha)....

And speaking of color....we took advantage of snow on the ground outside our studio this week to produce this fabric that we're just itching to stitch into Pentecost and Ordination stoles! 
What does the snow have to do with this? It allows for a fun, spontaneous fabric dying method where you cover the fabric with snow, sprinkle powered dye on top of the snow and then you let the melting snow marble the placement of the color on the fabric. Trying to focus on blessings I can now count this method as a blessing to having snow on the ground!