Does my hair color
inspire my love for pumpkins?
I feel a connection to pumpkins. Is it my hair color? Maybe it's the variety of colors pumpkins come in. The variety of color in nature (such as in a pumpkin) is truly magnificent. I'm trying to focus on things to be thankful for and today as I write and look at the pumpkin on my front stoop I am thankful for color. 

Why are we drawn to pumpkins? One reason might be is that the color is hard not to notice especially in the fields at harvest time. The orange round squash like fruit dotting the dark ground surrounded by dull dying vines capped off with the contrast of a brilliant blue or stormy fall sky really stands out. This color theory applies to how we use color to draw us into worship. Liturgical color connects us to a specific time of the church year. We've been working on Advent stoles in anticipation of the upcoming season. The vibrant purples and blues are a great example of a color being a meaningful reminder of the life of Jesus. Churches that use purple textiles and vestments are recalling Jesus coming as Christ the King because this is the color of royalty. Those that focus on blue might be doing so as a reminder of the deep blue predawn sky.  This is symbolic of watching for the light so to speak....the promised light of Christ the only one that can fill our darkness.
The colors of Advent draw you in! See a ministry stole similar to this here.
During my day in the studio, you can see through this brief post, how I make thoughts connect. As I wrap up my work for the day I am looking forward to the pumpkin soup that is in the crock pot for my dinner tonight. It's obviously a total theme day for me!

P.S.--Haven't ever tried pumpkin soup? Click here for my new favorite recipe.