Book Review: Praying with Our Hands

The words of prayer are powerful but so is the kinesthetic and visual nature our bodies display as they move through times and types of prayer. Jesus modeled different types of prayer postures and I must say I feel more focused and engaged when I "change things up" and try a prayer posture that is not within my norm. Considering our body and prayer I'd like to share a book I stumbled upon. It is a delightful coffee table type book that focuses on our hands in prayer. What an interesting topic the book Praying with Our Hands has taken on. In this inspiring book of reflections and accompanying photographs, we see how our hands can give meaning to our prayers in a way that words alone cannot. The photographs are sensitive in their black and white values and should appeal to believers of many different faiths.This book is simple but given that I love the phrase, "tis a gift to be simple" I think the images and message of this book are inspiring and educational. See what you think of this book by Jon M. Sweeney!