All Saints Day

Find this stole here.
Historically on November 1st (today!) the Church honors all saints, known and unknown. Personally, when thinking of saintly people that have crossed my path, I think of the people that have infused my life with the Word of God, who have demonstrated that God is love through unselfish acts of kindness, and who have been patient with my growth as a disciple. I could go on and on! Are some specific people coming to your mind? 

One of our clients will be celebrating "All Saints" with her church congregation this coming Sunday. She's chosen this stole to wear on that day. We created the stole for those that serve in Children's Ministry and its focal point is the border of children of the world. This pastor did a good job perusing our ministry stole website and thinking outside the box as to how this stole as a visual connection to those that she ministers to, 

While Carrot Top Studio is always striving to connect the visual to the Word sometimes we are inspired by the visual images that dance in our head instead of on a vestment. For example the beginning of this poem conjures up some especially wonderful imagery. 

The Saints Are Standing Row on Row
The saints are standing row on row
engulfed in light and peace,
stand face to face with God their King
whose love will never cease...

Author unknown, from the Dutch Gracia Grindal

Blessings for your celebration of the saints!