Trinity Sunday

Preparing for Trinity Sunday I think back to creating a meditation banner as a commission for a client in Great Britain. When Carrot Top Studio became a business eight years ago we didn't anticipate liking one of a kind commissions. The lovely surprise has been that we really enjoy these projects because it stretches our knowledge and challenges our creativity. It's also a wonderful way to get to know our clients better as the commissions often have a very personal nature to them. 

When we created this small banner with our interpretation of Rublev's Icon of the Trinity we had not been familiar with this work of art that was originally created in 1410. It depicts the three angels who visited Abraham at the Oak of Mamre--but is often interpreted as an icon of the Trinity. The original icon is full of symbolism from the dove to the house to the colors of what the figures are wearing and even how they are seated. We highlighted the oak tree which serves as a reminder of the tree of life that was standing in Eden and of the cross.  The oak tree for Christians can be a symbol of courage and strength and the three leaves reiterate the message of the Trinity.

Interested in a commission for a stole, a banner, or other type of fiber art that might be used to make a visual connection to the Word? Email us your ideas and we'd love to enter into a discussion regarding your needs (and dreams!)

PS...interesting to note that pre-Christian Celts ate acorns from the oak tree to help with preaching preparation. I'm thinking it's good we've gotten' past this tradition!