Multi-Sensory Worship

I had the opportunity this week to spend any evening with friends as we shared a Seder dinner. It was meaningful because we rejoiced with the story of the exodus through the spirit of the Jewish tradition by giving thanks for deliverance and redemption. We also recalled  that Jesus asked all of us to do this in remembrance of Him. Many of us reenact part of the Seder dinner at our various Communion Services, but the entire Passover ceremony brings a profound sense of meaning. I was touched by this ancient  teaching tool because it applied to all of my senses.

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I actually recall a Seder dinner the family life committee sponsored in the church community that I grew up in. Despite the fact that many years have gone by since this 'event' occurred the memory is vivid probably because the meal was multi-sensory. 

Why dwell on this? First it's appropriate as we prepare for Holy week! Secondly it is a great example of how including multi-sensory experiences help us be engaged and place the main idea into significant context. Classroom teachers know that if you can incorporate the visual, the auditory and the tactile you can imprint a memory. Isn't that what a Seder dinner does? How else can we learn from this teaching model as we plan our worship services?