Upon a Mountain

It was upon the mountain where they had gone to pray. He was changed completely .Shining! Glory! We celebrate the transfiguration this Sunday.

Today we share a visual to meditate upon:
Livan Kudriashev, Luminescence, 1926

...and some words to enhance our understanding:

Suddenly they saw him
    the way he was,
the way he really was
    all the time,
although they had never 
    seen it before,
the glory which blinds
    the everyday eye
and so becomes invisible.
    This is how
he was, radiant, brilliant,
    carrying joy
like a flaming sun
    in his hands.
This is the way he was--is--
    from the beginning,
and we cannot bear it.
    So he manned himself,
came manifest to us;
    and there on the mountain
they saw him, really saw him,
    saw his light.
We all know that if we really see him we die.
    But isn't that what is required of us?
Then, perhaps, we will see each other, too.
Madeleine L'Engle

Together we celebrate the promise of the living Christ!