St. Valentine

In mind Valentine's Day is a holiday trumped up by the greeting card companies to get us to buy their products. I don't buy (ha, ha!) into it. In my mind love is better expressed in more surprising and subtle ways than a marketing department of a major corporation trying to convince me to say what I feel. How did it come to this? 

It seems as if not a lot is known about Saint Valentine other than he was martyred for not being willing to give up his Christian faith. Now that's not trivial and should be celebrated and learned from!

I do not know the origins or artist of this lovely image of St. Valentine. I am drawn to the art because of the magnificent vestments. These aren't the style of what we create at Carrot Top Studio but we certainly admire this type of intricate design and fine craftsmanship. Additionally, red seems to be an appropriate primary color on the chasuble to represent the passion this man must have had as he reportedly  married Christian couples, was imprisoned and then spent his time converting the prison guards! 

May we all find unique ways to celebrate,  learn from and remember St. Valentine!