Christ the King Sunday

Christ the King stole is seen in full here.
Wow! The last Sunday of Ordinary Time is peeking at us from right around the corner! How will you recognize and embrace Christ the King Sunday in worship? How can we praise Christ's loving and merciful authority? How do we realize that the crown Christ wore was ultimately full of thorns? Do we recognize that the traditional symbol of authority of a king (the scepter) was actually a cross for our king?

Description of these symbols are here.
If you focused only on the evening news you might think that Christ’s Kingship may be in dispute in this world. Thankfully our faith tells us that His reign is sure. We can trust Him! How we respond to events and people around us must reflect that trust. This could be a better symbol than any that Carrot Top Studio could place on a stole! There's no reason to not show that we celebrate Christ the King everyday--it's not just on the last Sunday before Advent. Obeying Christ as King and living lives of servanthood and humility might look revolutionary to some people and that could certainly be the message they need to be knocked on the head with. A message we probably all need to be reminded of from time to time.

It is simply glorious to be able to recognize and worship Christ as King of heaven and earth for all time! May this coming Christ the King Sunday be a reminder of the journey we've been on the past twelve months and an enlivening glimpse of what is ahead.