What Do They Look Like?

An angel previously designed by Carrot Top Studio
Who? What? Angels of course! I'm working on a project for a client that will include angels. Artistically there are several themes that consistently challenge me. The first is Easter. How does an artist do this marvelous celebration the justice and magnificence that it deserves? Another is angels. Angels are spirits.The Bible tells us they sometimes appear as men, sometimes with wings, sometimes with blazing glory and are as white as snow. When I become "blocked" I often turn to master artworks for inspiration. Thought you might enjoy a little bit of the variety that artists have portrayed when depicting angels....
Byzantine image of Michael, 1000 AD
Angel Acabucero, 17th c. Peru
Yoshitoshi Taiso, late 1800's

Herbert Draper, The Lament to Icarus, 19th c.
Do these images connect you with any particular pieces of scripture? It's interesting to note that all of these artworks have angels with wings on them. This is not always mandated in scripture. Thinking about this makes me particularly wonder what the angel looks like that is referred to in Hebrews 13:2--Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. Now what did THAT angel look like? So now it's to the drawing board for me....we'll see what I can conjure up!