Creative Energy

A stole for Lent

When you need to stir up creative energy where do you turn? Occasionally we need to step outside the studio to find inspiration. Here are a few of the places we've been stirred in the past. 

I shop my local farmer's market weekly partly because I believe in buying as much local produce as I can. The bonus is that the colors and textures never fail to motivate me! When in season the deep purple of an eggplant always captures my attention. It has so much depth and mystery. This is probably why I feel compelled to use this purple for Lenten stoles . 

A peace stole inspired by the city
City streets have a wonderful pulse of energy. In contradiction to that this drums up a type of peace within me. Part of what draws me to the city is the architecture and the order. This may be one of the reasons why stoles like this peace stole can to be with its blocked, pieced architectural sense. 

Garden centers and nurseries are also a source of creative inspiration.  Awakenings from the many hues of green and a multitude of shapes and lines often translates into new ideas particularly for stoles for Ordinary Time.

A recent commission
Judging by your inquiries regarding commissions we know YOU have creative energy also! Do you have inspiration for a stole design that you can't find in the commercial market? For example, at left is the border of a stole we created for a pastor who's church strives to be a beacon of light and peace in the midst of her city. Because of the church location she is involved in many events/situations within the community. We created this stole for her to wear as a symbol of her ministry within a city that is surrounded by the ocean with a backdrop of the mountains. We might be able to help you also. Email us your thoughts and we'll be glad to converse about the possibilities. Commissions are never given the green light until both parties are in agreement regarding the design, the estimate and the amount of time it will take to complete the work.