Book Review

Have you read anything recently that makes you want to tell others about it? Well, we've just stumbled upon Bead One, Pray Too by Kimberly Winston and thought you might like to know about it. At Carrot Top Studio we often reach to history to find just the right symbol or color for our stoles. So we could relate to, Winston opening her delightful book with a bit of history regarding prayer beads. For example I learned that the word "bead" comes from the Anglo-Saxon word bede, which means "prayer" and how counting beads for each prayer in ones pocket led to prayer beads on a string as we know them today. 

Secondly, practical instruction is shared for using prayer beads. The author touches upon contemplative praying, memorized prayers, praying the psalms, to praying hymns and much more. 

And lastly if you enjoy crafting you'll appreciate the instructions for making your own prayer beads including the traditions of certain colors and particular symbols. This is an activity that could be adapted for many ages and could be done individually or incorporated into a bible study, retreat, and much more!

I'd recommend this unique book. I learned a lot and because I tend to be a tactile learner I'm looking forward to adding prayer beads to my prayer life. Prayer beads will be a new tool that I'm guessing will help me focus during prayer and meditation.

The bonus of this book are the quotes sprinkled throughout. I'll sign off with this one that touched me:
As it is the business of tailors to make clothes,
and the business of cobblers to mend shoes, 
so it is the business of Christians to pray!
-Martin Luther