It's Back to (Sunday) School Time!

Visiting my childhood church with Mr. Carrot Top Studio
This week many congregations are beginning new Sunday School classes. It's an exciting time for all that are involved. Those that feel the call to teach are a blessing.This summer my family worshiped in the church that I grew up in. Afterward we walked the church hallways and many memories washed over me. They included sitting around tables exploring lessons, laughing, a feeling of comfort, learning how to use my first Bible, and interestingly a lot of mini-dramas acting out Bible stories --maybe my inner actress is wanting to still emerge!

An encouraging  read for parents (and clergy)!
I know that church and our faith aren't supposed to shut down in the more laid back days of summer, but I also recognize the reality of the renewal of the change of seasons. For us in the United States this means many adults and children swarm "back" to church at this time of year. There is much energy! And hopefully this also means children in worship. As a young parent I learned a lot by reading Parenting in the Pew and was greatly encouraged by those around me that were worshiping with older children. As an artist/educator I believe in the importance of including the visual in worship. Children today have shorter attention spans than generations past because everything moves much faster for them. I'm not saying worship needs to move 'quickly' but I do think including visuals and using colors and symbols and changing these throughout the seasons will help keep children engaged. Worship is a verb isn't it? It should be active.
Confirmation stole blanks-available in white and red.

Are you now brainstorming ways to include the visual? Carrot Top Studio liked this of our clients let us know that she'll be using our confirmation stole blanks to commission the church's teachers this coming Sunday. Lovely and symbolic, indeed.