Marking a Special Day

How do you mark a special day? There are times of marking major moments and those of celebrating smaller events. Through our worship we count the days of the liturgical calendar pausing occasionally to celebrate a special day. Do you consider the elements of these celebrations? Celebration and ceremony doesn't just happen. It takes creativity, leadership, community, a message of the moment (or theme). God has gifted us with cycles: the liturgical calendar, the seasons of nature, the celebration of growth and life. We can look backward at where we were and forward to where we want to be as we grow. It's all a part of being willing to be transformed.

View of the design table as we contemplate a new stole design.
In my family we often mark a special day, event or milestone with the use of the red plate that is embellished with the words, "You Are Special Today." This requires a meal so that person can enjoy the use of the plate. Celebrations and ceremony often provide nourishment for our bodies and it's also nourishing to come together as community and/or family.This makes me think of last year when Carrot Top Studio was looking for ideas to expand their ministry stole collection. A client posted to our Facebook page, "how about a communion stole that helps people connect to communion as the joyful feast of the people of God." This week marks our 6th anniversary of officially being in business (woo hoo!). So we thought it was only fitting to take on this design challenge because we are so thankful that we can celebrate Communion and the thought of Communion being a 'joyful feast' is enthralling. I'm off to stitch....but, you should be watching our Facebook page tomorrow and Friday for details of our anniversary celebration! And we'll of course let you see the Communion stole as soon as it's finished.