The Easter Season Continues--Didn't the Frogs Tell You?

Many people honored the highest day in the church year this past Sunday by dressing our absolutely best. Here I am pictured one Easter many, many years ago. Dressing in our most excellent way emphasizes how special the celebration of the Resurrection is. I have been thinking and reading on keeping the Easter season alive and special...recognizing it and living it. Reading, thinking and pondering like this can lead us in unique creative directions. I never would have guessed we'd connect frogs to Easter but we were inspired to create this stole.

This stole may be purchased on our website here.
Psalm 100 is the theme of this stole. Thanks to Ruth Boling's description of frogs as a Christian symbol we thoroughly enjoyed creating this design. In her book Come Worship With Me she writes: During dry months, many frogs hide under leaves or in soil to stay moist. When the rain returns, the frogs reappear just as suddenly as Jesus reappeared from death. Have you ever heard the "peepers" in early spring? These frogs sing like choirs of tiny angels.

This stole is on our website here and it's also at a special price on eBay this week here (shhhh! don't tell your colleagues or they might bid against you!)

Isn't it wonderful that Easter is not a one day holiday?