Watch For the "Funny" Ideas

This stole is available here.
Many years ago my husband and I were bouncing around ideas for Carrot Top Studio. We're both creative people in our own way and have always enjoyed this kind of activity. Trying to honor the brainstorming rule of "no idea is a bad idea" when my better half suggested stoles with Velcro parts I really couldn't imagine this idea coming to fruition but of course I didn't shoot it down (although I think we both were laughing). Well, the laughing probably should have been a clue that this wasn't a truly c-r-a-z-y idea! Fast forward to last fall when a very faithful client suggested a purple Advent stole that told the story of Old Testament prophecy being fulfilled and celebrated. Our clients responded by purchasing this design and even asked for it in a blue version (sorry it's currently sold out). This caused us to think about the concept being applied to the Lenten journey. Our design idea required purple Velcro which it turns out is not easily available. The good news is that we found it half way around the world! The down side was that it wouldn't be shipped soon enough for our new design to be sold in advance of Lent 2011. This story wraps as we can now reveal our new Lent story stole! It is purple with a gold Lenten cross. The hem of the front of the stole has discreet pockets that hold ten symbols that will help tell the story that leads us to Easter. We're hoping the palms, donkey, money bag, bread and chalice, praying hands, rooster, leather strip, crown of thorns, nails, and dice will help you share the story of Jesus and his gift of salvation with the young and young at heart.

Our lessons learned....our clients have great ideas, brainstorming continues to be a source that feeds our creative juices, and pay close attention to the ideas we think are the funniest!

Blessings for your Lenten journey.