The Story of A Commission

Detail of commissioned stole
Client email: I've been reading your blog for some time and I'm excited to now be able to order some stoles! 

The artist is humbled that someone actually reads the blog, she yelps with excitement about the order and then responds: Thanks for your order and we'll be glad to combine the shipping costs to save you a few dollars. 

Adaptation of commission on the website
Client phone message (several days later): Thanks for the shipment...I'm pleased with your work...and I'd like to commission a purple stole for Lent that could also be worn for Advent and might visually connect with the Easter stole that I have. Is that possible? I like the following stoles on the website (number this, number that and number this). Can you translate those designs into purple, and  could the colors be more subtle and could the plant symbols be more indigenous to our environment so the congregation can relate to what they're seeing?

Another version offered on eBay
The artist response via email because inquiring pastor is wearing many hats and can't get to her phone: Absolutely, we can help you! In fact we think you're on to a good idea. See, our pastors know best as to what is needed and we'd like to share your idea with our clients. When this happens we are able to reduce the price of the commission and offer a similar design on our website and to our eBay buyers. Would that be ok with you?

Client email response: That's splendid. Happy sewing! 

The Epilogue
Because one client had become familiar with our style at Carrot Top Studio she was a great encourager so we could help meet her needs but also expand our inventory for you. The commissioned stole is now hanging in that pastor's closet waiting for Lent to begin. Hopefully the congregation will see the connection between the vine of buds and flowers and the ones on the Easter stole that this pastor will wear during that joyous season. The website offers two versions of this stole without the flowered wreath and on Thursday a third version will be auction item #150552169029 on eBay. We love hearing your thoughts and ideas. Have something on your mind? Email us here.