Christ the King

Pietro Lorenzeti, Christ Before Pilate
"...for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth." Jesus, in John 18:37b

We celebrate Christ the King this coming Sunday and this passage from the book of John and the  artwork by Pietro Lorenzetti are most appropriate to examine at this time. First, a look at the art. The artist was Italian and the painting was completed at the onset of the Renaissance. 
  • what reaction do you have to the soldiers by the way they are dressed?
  • what emotion is the Jewish leader depicting?
  • Pilate is seen nervously twisting a tassel on his mantle. What does this say about his thoughts and actions?
  • Looking at Jesus' posture and gaze what does this articulate about this moment?
Secondly, I am not a theologian but I am drawn to this bit of scripture and I will share a snippet of my thoughts. Pilate seems to recognize the truth when Jesus tells him that He is a king. But Pilate is also an example of one that choses to ignore it. He was willing to please both sides. Preparing for Christ the King focused on worship this Sunday makes me more conscious of whether I move through my days following the truth or playing both sides. This is a great example of how I appreciate cycling through the Church year calendar for these special days and seasons to be a reminder of the lessons I need to continually hear and learn from. And may it be also with you!