The Advent Candle

One of my fondest memories from my childhood is family worship around the Advent wreath (thanks Mom!) Each Sunday in Advent we'd light the candles, read scripture, sing, and sometimes even do a craft. The rhythm of this ritual was carried into my family when I became a parent. 

It's enriching to learn of other family's traditions. I recently heard a variation of the candle tradition... You will need a tall candle. Mark it with 24 short lines from top to bottom. Each day during Advent find a few quiet moments with your family when you can light the candle and let it burn from one notch to the next, read an Advent thought or piece of scripture for the day, and say a prayer together. This quiet time as a family would be a lovely counterpoint to getting swept up in the extravaganza that society has turned the birth in the stable into.

This photo is of my children from nine years ago. It seems like yesterday to me. I can't believe how fast the years have gone! . It's times like simple, family worship during this season of preparation that help me slow down and stay focused. What are some of your traditions?