Book Review-Part Two

Sofonisba Anguissola, Self-Portrait, ca.1556
I've wrapped up my summer reading and I'm here to report on the second half of For the Beauty of the Church. Each chapter is written by a different author and I found this refreshing to have so many viewpoints within one text. If you missed our, you may read my last post here. And now some more points that were interesting to me:
  • "there are two kinds of people in the world: people who are artists and people who are supposed to support them. We should figure out which you are and do it with vigor." Isn't that a lovely notion?
  • artists aren't the easiest bunch to shepherd. They need patience, prayers, and love just like everyone else so that their gifts can be nurtured.
  • the arts are not buttons to be pushed just to enhance a sermon. The arts in worship should bear witness to Christ in a way that artistic creativity can flourish.
  • "a full, gospel vision for arts ministry is one that attempts to nourish a wide spectrum of the arts, both inside and outside the church building." Christian artists are needed to work in the church and there need to be those that work in the marketplace. This is not just about Sunday mornings!
Lastly, whether you are an artist or are an arts supporter this book is a recommended read for the content and for the bibliography at the end of each chapter....the generous and intriguing lists will keep your bookstand full for quite some time! 

In the afterword the book's editor, W. David Taylor has written a lovely list of prayer requests for artists and pastors. He ends with "may each of us remain faithful to the calling God has placed upon our life and upon the life of our church. And may it give us great joy." I recently have been thinking about the differences between a vocation and a job. With the exception of the drudgery of keepings the books, I think most of what I do in the studio is vocation. Having found my way to being an artist for pastors and churches gives me great joy. For this I remain thankful and am appreciative of God's patience with my endeavors as I attempt to serve.