Angels With Highlights and Other Encouragements

This is part of the scripture I read at the start of today:

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. Philippians 4:4

I lean on Paul's teaching that our inner thoughts don't have to reflect our outward circumstances. He did write the above while in prison, didn't he? His words are encouraging. I remain grateful for Carrot Top Studio's friends and clients and their words of encouragement. Here's a top five list of things you've told us. You humble us and cause me to rejoice especially while in the studio (which is thankfully not a prison!)--
Currently on our design wall.

  1. "God's word will be experienced more fully because of the visual images created by your studio."
  2. "We were able to give some of your stoles to visiting Russian pastors who felt stoles would give them credibility in a country where they aren't always respected."
  3. "I wear the same black dress and black robe every Sunday. Carrot Top Studio stoles are my bit of Sunday morning expression!"
  4. When adding angels to a church's banners I inquired about the skin tone and hair color...the client replied, "Pale skin, brown hair--with highlights..this is California after all." 
  5. "The images on my new stole are a learning tool for the children on Communion Sunday tieing together the liturgy, the song, and the baking of bread in Sunday School."
Thank you for supporting us by sharing how and when you wear our stoles, how you use the visual to educate and motivate and for making us smile and laugh (what else would angels with highlights do?)