5 Year Anniversary Celebration-DAY FIVE!

This is it! The last day of our week long celebration. We are so thankful for our clientèle--you are wonderful to work with! Today we'd like to thank you for your support by giving away one of our celebration stoles! We've made a limited edition of five and the other four will be offered on the website under the peace and healing tab for a special price of $55.55. 

To be entered to win we ask that you tell (or message) a friend about our website or FB fan page. Then just leave us a message that you'd like to be entered to win. Simple fun!

About the celebration stole: This is a visual statement of celebrating peace. The colors are peaceful yet joyful. The dove is a global sign of peace. The laurel leaves symbolize growth and peace. The flow of the lines and colors are active because we believe peace needs to be constantly worked and strived for.
The stole front is crafted from a variety of cotton and cotton blends. The symbols are appliqued and finished with machine embroidery. The accents are handpainted with textile paint and embellished with textured fibers. It is lined with a teal cotton broadcloth fabric and is interfaced for added body.Stole is 49" long measuring from back of neck to the bottom of the hem on one side.   It measures 5" wide at the hem and tapers to 2 3/4" at the neck.