The Trinity

We will celebrate the Trinity in worship this Sunday...Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The mystery of the Trinity has allowed artists throughout history to make a visual interpretation based on their theological views and the culture of their day. Here's an interesting piece:

This type of representation of the Trinity-the Man of Sorrows held by God the Father with the Holy Ghost in the likeness of a dove-was widely adopted in European art around 1400 when it was customary to show particular reverence for the dead Savior. The artist is unknown but it is thought to be of Hungarian roots and might have been part of a triptych or diptych. Exploring and examining a piece of art can enhance our feelings and draw us closer to our beliefs. Here are a few questions to get you started:
  • What title would you give this work of art?
  • What kind of lines do you see (straight, curved, etc.)? Why do you think the artist used these? Does this suggest a kind of movement?
  • Is there a light source? What type of colors were used? What kind of feeling does this give you?
  • Are the images painted expressively or realistically?
  • Does the craftsmanship (whether it is highly crafted or sloppy in appearance) contribute to or detract from your experience looking at this art?
  • What is the story the artist is trying to tell?