Love Is In the Air

We're approaching the time of year when many weddings occur. It's made me pull out my wedding photos (wow did we look young 24 years ago!) and go down memory lane. I also dusted off The Four Loves of a Successful Marriage that our pastor gave us. It is based on C.S. Lewis' Four Loves and is great to revisit every few years because marriage takes work!

When I got married I of course got caught up in the meaning of the symbols...why does a bride wear white, why use a veil,  why a wedding ring, why the bride and groom feed each other cake at the reception and so on and so on. Even though I love visual symbols still today (that's one reason why our Carrot Top Studio is a fun business) I do firmly believe these are just outward symbols of what is more importantly happening on the inside. I was thrilled to see that my local newspaper ran a letter in an advice column yesterday from a future bride that was miserable working very long days in order to save 10,000 dollars for her wedding. I was pleased to see that the responding advice was hope that the bride would invest this much time and energy in her marriage because for the long run that was more important.

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