Earth Day Musings

Another Earth Day celebration is upon us. A day to pause and honor the creator by thinking about some of the choices we make regarding this planet. I've had a couple of high and low 'earth day type' moments recently. Several weeks ago my son and I ventured to Philadelphia for a weekend. We were both impressed by the rain collection barrels sitting in the backyard of a college housing system my son was visiting. It was a nice sign that the school was as eco-friendly as they claim to be. A down moment was the landscape designer who I had visit my home for a consultation. She suggested I just needed to throw all my plants away (they weren't any good!) and start over. How wasteful is that notion? But another up moment was hearing my daughter recount with pride that she'd gotten the hosts of a sports team pasta dinner to recycle all of their disposable drink containers. She was one of the last to leave the table and was exasperated that her teammates had just left all of their items for the trash. Nice to know our at home habits are going with her out into the world.

With all of these musing we can't ignore the fact that when Carrot Top Studio thinks green we see the color green in our stoles! Our eBay auctions that begin tonight at 7:00 p.m. EST will all be the color green! The one of a kind prototype pictured in this post will be one of them. We're trying a new fabric collage technique and thoroughly enjoyed combining different fabrics, stenciling of the word "peace" in four different languages, and embellishing with textured fibers and bits of sheer fabric. We look forward to shipping this off after the winning bid is placed in one week. We also offer eco-friendly stoles on our website whenever possible....reclaiming and reusing fabrics and by using fibers such as bamboo. You can see an example here with our white labyrinth stole made from a tone on tone bamboo fabric.

There are so many ways to 'plant' our focus on Earth Day. Regardless of how we do it I hope we do it out of respect to the Word. Our foundation for this Earth Day celebration should be the story of God's creating the heavens and the earth and of God's loving care in redeeming a fallen people and reinstate creation to its unspoiled beauty so that it can once again adore the Creator. May we go about honoring that!