Lord's Prayer Banners

It's good not to neglect my background as a teacher so I always enjoy jumping back into the classroom for brief stints. Last night our church started a four week workshop for third and fourth grade students that focuses on the Lord's Prayer. Each night the children will rotate through a lesson on prayer, a drama station, and the art room. In the art room we're making worship banners! The goal is to have a different color represent each phrase of the Lord's prayer. So the children broke into small groups and brainstormed color associations. Some of their interesting comments included:

  • "our Father" should be the color of silver or gold...because those are the best and that's what our Father is.
  • it was also suggested that "our Father" be the entire colors of the rainbow because "God is everything."
  • "forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors" should be light blue because being forgiven would be peaceful like this color.
  • "lead us not into temptation"...several groups declared purple to be the perfect color for temptation. Interesting.
  • "but deliver us from evil"....the color red was chosen as 'evil' by every one of the groups.
  • "Amen"....should be bold like a bright yellow-because if you're going to say it you should mean it!
Children can be such great thinkers. I suspect that I will be learning much from their perspective as the weeks go by. 

Stay tuned for details of how the banners turn out!

*the above image in this post is from a Carrot Top Studio workshop several years ago....children focused on symbols of faith through a series of exercises and we created banners based on their insight.

Update...The banners are done! They hung in worship on Sunday and the children were so proud of their work and they made a great visual statement/connection.