What's New?

They're not really "new" but they seem to be getting "new" uses...what are we talking about? Our stole blanks!

At left is our confirmation stole blank. Of course we get excited about their use at the culmination of confirmation as a symbol in worship, but we also are also thrilled about alternative uses. One creative client ordered this short stole blank to embellish on her own. Why a short stole? She is a labyrinth leader and the length was perfect for the movement she does in her ministry. 

At right you can see or "Design-a-stole" blank that is sold with fabric markers and a set of suggestions for embellishment. Clients have used this stole in the same way people use signature quilts to capture on-site memories on a special day. Additionally one client bought this stole for an ordination service where she knew a lot of children would be in attendance. While the message during worship was being delivered she slyly took the children out of the sanctuary to embellish this stole. When it was time to ordain the candidate the stole was used as a symbol of this new pastor's ministry to children as it was placed around his neck. And a new favorite story...yesterday a client purchased this stole with the hint that she was "up to" something that had to do with the Super Bowl. Hmmmm.....now that will make for an interesting worship moment!

So we encourage you to "think outside the box" as the favorite catch phrase says. And, if you have an idea but aren't sure if it will work contact us and we'll help you problem solve!