Simple Symbols

I have warm and fuzzy memories of a trip that my husband and I took to Paris early in our married years. Recently I was reminded of the time we spent in the Musee Picasso while on that trip. Prior to the visit I had always been intrigued by Picasso's art. The museum experience heightened my understanding of the mindset and process that Picasso took to evolve his work over the years to the very simple sometimes childlike forms that it became. In many ways the final result of his stroking of the paintbrush or modeling of the sculpture became a symbol. This makes me think of how in our faith the simple symbol is held as such an important connection for us as we worship God. For example, during Communion, bread and wine are things that we all can relate to. They are simple symbols that are very real to us. These symbols matter, and therefore they draw us closer to the religious experience. There is no denying that there is mystery in our faith but the symbols help our consciousness as best as they can. As you plan for worship this week what are the symbols that will help make the connection?

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