Giving Thanks

Here in the states I'm in countdown mode to our celebration of Thanksgiving. Admittedly I'm thankful for my sweet tooth and I'm thinking about what new twist I might put on the pumpkin pie this year....should I consider a praline crust, a meringue top or maybe be extra adventurous with a pumpkin cheesecake? If I could take a breath and focus on why we gather for this meal I might want to instead think about being thankful for the gift of this world. This year I'd like to focus on the elements of nature. The plants of the earth are a blessing. The mysteries of life giving water and it's symbolism at baptism should be remembered. Fire gives us light, warmth and life (the sun) is unsafe and valuable at the same time. And last but not least we should consider the wind. It is energy and movement and a reminder of the Spirit's strokes. May we all be able to mark our times of thanksgiving with creativity.

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