New Stole Designs

Carrot Top Studio creates handcrafted, unique ministry stoles in limited editions. When we're trying out a new idea this might mean "trying" the new design on just one stole. These stoles are often offered on eBay at bargain prices with auctions ending each Thursday night. Otherwise our edition series are typically 4-10 stoles of one design. When the series sells out it is occasionally repeated but more often than not we tweak the design or move on to another idea within the same category. The studio is now four and a half years old and we're grateful that our artistic juices still flow and we can't find enough time to design and stitch up all the ideas that float around our minds!

This week we've added two new designs to our collection. Pictured on the left is a stole suggested by one of our clients that is working with couples of mixed faith (Messianic Jew and Christian). It can be found here on the website. We love hearing your ideas and often work on special commissions but if we think it's something that other's within the ministry community might also be looking for we'll gladly add it to our collection. Additionally the stole on the right can be found here on the website. We thought of Communion when we saw this luscious grape vine fabric but this stole also speaks to the fruitfulness of a Christian life and would be appropriate at many different types of worship services.

You've been kind enough to spend a moment with us on this blog so we'll share a secret...these two new designs will debut at a great price on eBay tonight with closings next Thursday. The Messianic stole is item #150382435776 and the grapevine stole is item #150382432296. We appreciate your ideas, support and continued patronage!