New Stole Designs

We're thrilled to have added several new stole designs to our online store! Visitationstoles and stoles for the confessional are shorter than our norm and can be found here. This is a new category for us and we'd love to hear your needs and ideas for this product line. The blue healing stole celebrates oil and the Old and New Testament references to its use. More about this stole can be found here. Lastly we always love working with batik fabric and this one is a beauty! It's description is on the Carrot Top Studio website here. We hope you'll enjoy and maybe be able to use one of these new designs.

Speaking of new....on a personal note I get to send my youngest child off to her first day of high school tomorrow. Our oldest will start his senior year. Having two children in high school embracing lifes challenges and seeking how God is to use them during the school year will probably provide not too many dull moments in our house! Blessing to all of you that are in similar situations as we transition into a new season.