More Memories

I'm still sorting through and scanning the photos that I've been dumping into a box for way too many years (see post below). I came across pictures from the Presbyterian Women's Conferences I attended in Louisville. The banners were always so inspiring in the large convention hall venue. I had no idea at that time that I was being called to start Carrot Top Studio but I believe seeds for the business were planted there. The below were commercially made but they made a great impact.
Then it was fun to find a photo of the first set of banners I made with a team from my home church. None of us had ever taken on a project like this but we were fueled by our worship commission that had a vision for adding liturgical color and symbols to our sanctuary.

Thankfully I have learned to take better images over the years! Although the photo doesn't show it, these banners are royal purple and several shades of gold. The donkey, manger and rainbow tell the story of God's promises and are used during Advent. Back to digging through the photos.....