Book Review

Mother of God: A History of the Virgin Mary  - By: Miri RubinI'm preparing for an adult Sunday School seminar at my home congregation. The topic is "A Protestant Look at Mary". Within this four week series in December I will be teaching one that will focus on representations of Mary in Protestant and Early Christian art. The goal is to get behond taking out with the creche at Christmas and then packing her ack int he closet in January. November and December are often Carrot Top Studio's busiest months so I'm trying to prepare now. One of the tools I'm using is the book Mother of God: A History of the Virgin Mary by Miri Rubin. It is very interesting to take time to discover how Mary, who is scarcely mentioned in the Gospels, became one of the most prominent religous figures in world culture. I'm learning from Rubin who draws upon an extraordinarily wide range of sources--including music,poetry, theology, art, scripture and miracle tales. Stay tuned as I draw deeper into this intriguing subject matter....I'm wondering how I will learn to be more like Mary through this investigation!?