What's Going on at Carrot Top Studio?

Summer does an odd thing to me and my time in the studio. I get this urge to clean out, reorganize and set new goals for our busy fall selling season. What does that mean for our clients? A few things that might interest you:
  • our eBay offers this summer are mostly ministry stoles that we just have one left of in stock and we're offering them at rock bottom opening bids! We're on eBay as seller "carrottopstudio". What else would we be?
  • we're rotating selections onto our "SALE" section on the website. Check it out here!
  • the stole categories on the website are becoming more defined. Have you noticed the new "peace and healing" category and "music ministry" category?
  • preparations are under way to add visitation, travel and confessional stoles to the website. We'll let you know when this goes live!

What are we missing? Is there anything you've been looking for to support your ministry visually that you can't find? We'd love to hear your ideas! Add a comment to the blog or email us at jenny.gallo@CarrotTopStudio.com.