Celebrate Peace During Ordinary Time

Webster's defines peace as: freedom from war, tranquility, calm, a state of no anxiety, and having freedom from conflict. But it is only in Christ that we have true peace. Having peace with God through Christ and living a life faithful to Christ will allow us to be at peace with ourselves and others. I think peace is a great topic during this time of Ordinary Time and I wonder what a peaceful kingdom would look like in our homes, our city, our schools and our country? We can think of a few ideas to promote this topic:
  • supply children with alternatives to war toys
  • listen to people....everyone deserves to be heard
  • light a peace candle during times of small group worship or before sharing a meal with friends (new and old)
  • pray, "May peace prevail on earth"
  • eat "Imagine Whirled Peace" ice cream by Ben and Jerry
  • wear a Peace stole by Carrot Top Studio
How do you celebrate and encourage peace during this time of year?