Prayer Flags

A prayer flag is a colorful panel or rectangular cloth often found strung along mountain ridges and peaks high in the Himalayas to bless the surrounding countryside or for other purposes. Traditionally they are woodblock-printed with texts and images and are connected to Buddhism. Prayer flags intrigue me because I see the similarity with worship banners and ministry stoles--all involve a religous message, color, symbols, and recognizing the invovlement of the visual and tactile in worship.
In my neck of the woods many churches are gearing up for a week of vacation Bible school. When my children were younger I often found myself in the art room at our vacation Bible school. If I were planning the art projects this year I think I might be apt to translate the Buddhist concept of prayer flags into mini worship banners. My home church is in the center of our community on a road heavily traveled each day. Wouldn't it be exciting to see these mini banners stretched along the roadside? I visualize the sculptural like display being added to each day....almost performance art! They would serve as a personal connection to each child as they soak in the love of God during the week and would maybe intrigue the passers by of our building to wonder what was happening inside--and maybe a seeker would even come inside to find out!