Commissioned Ministry Stoles

When Carrot Top Studio began four years ago we didn't visualize commissioned stoles as part of our repertoire. But when clients started ask for unique, one of a kind stoles we were thrilled with this type of creative challenge. Occasionally we have the added treat of doing a series. The following collection was commissioned by a seminary student preparing for minstry. The collection is bound together visually by the use of silk that is hand dyed by woman entrepreneurs in a ministry connected with our home church in Pittsburgh, PA. Every time we use this colorful, silk we make a donation to La Femme de la Croix to help grow their project which in turn goes to further their education so they can rise above poverty. We hope you'll be inspired by the follow:
An Advent/Lent stole symbolizing the story of the old and new testament and life cycle of Jesus.
This stole celebrates God bringing order out of chaos, the seven gifts of the Spirit, the anointing power of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit descended as a dove.  
A joyful stole for Christmas and Easter that includes hummingbirds as a symbol of the Resurrection and a recollection of its imagery in the Native American culture.
And last but not least a stole for Ordinary Time that celebrates creation.

Curious about commissioning your own stole or set of stoles...or maybe this would be the perfect gift for the newly graduated entering into ministry? Contact us ( with your ideas and to inqure about details of the process.