As many of you are, I'm at a point in my life that there is so much I'd like to fit into a day! I know that I can conquer what I'm called to do with peace (not frantic anxiety) if I take care of myself by eatting well, exercising and finding daily quiet time with God. One of the little things I do is to eat an apple for my morning snack.  Beyond an apple a day, my friend Kathy is loaded with great ideas for getting through your day with optimal wellness.  For years I've watched her grow in her faith, maintain a solid marriage, and parent her four children (one with special needs) by His grace...and eating well and exercise.  She's taken her passions and is sharing her experiences at Wellness Roadtrip.  If you strive for encouragement on how to "fit it all in" in a day, you will absolutely enjoy her perspective.