Preparing for Lent

I'm preparing a "Lenten Art Journey" for my home church's art gallery.  Therefore I've pulled out some favorite readings for Lent and discovered some new ones.  

Seven Lasting Words, by Christopner Seitz is an old favorite. The vingettes are simple and clear yet powerful inspiration during Lent. The wood carving illustrations by Helen Firth are the perfect accompaniment.

A new read for me is The New Stations of the Cross by Megan McKenna. Mckenna suggests that if a church has no stations then stations that represent symbols of the Lent to Easter story can be used.  These might include: collections baskets for food for the poor, clothing items, green cards, barbed wire, stones, collages of faces, crosses with names, candles, banners of color. She subscribes to using less than more to make the statement of the symbol.

If your church does not have permanent stations what have you done that has proven meaningful to enhance the season?